cause you are
so your clothes are too!

Our Story

It’s simply both easy and hard to introduce our selves! How can we say everything in couple of sentences? We have get to the point, although we want to talk with you as more as it is possible!
Before anything we must say that lenza lenzy clothes clinic is a new season of laundry services. Our goal is to make wearing clothes an enjoyable experience and give you services with the best quality. We would like to see you here.

Mend and Change

Don’t get disappointment! Don’t give up your clothes too soon! We are here for that and we are ready! Doesn’t your shirt fit anymore? Don’t you like the color of the buttons? Are your sleeves too long? Just tell our experts what you want and receive your clothes -fresh as new- with all the changes done. 

There is nothing permanent and stains won’t last forever on your clothes; so when you accidently caused one on your clothes, don’t blame yourself and come to Lenza Lenzy. There is no stain that can fight back!

Stain Removal


In these crowded days you might find it hard to bring your clothes all the way to our clothes clinic. There is no need to be worried! If you are in our catchment area just inform us to come, take your clothes and we deliver them to you again, as new as it’s possible!

Perhaps you prefer your garment to be washed with no other clothes. This is what we do in Lenza Lenzy. Just add Single Wash service in your order and we do the rest.

Single Wash

We are more ...

You wear, they wear

You wear, they wear. Lenza Lenzy sees social responsibilities equal to the other goals and duties. In order to do so, we spend a share of each customer payment on providing clothes or washing machine for less fortunate families. We think of better and happier days.

Special Clothes Services. In Lenza Lenzy we take care of different kinds of clothes! We have specific services of cleaning and ironing for specialists or athletics uniforms -that have particular design and sewing- or the ones that are special just for you!

Special Clothes Services

Save Nature, Save Life