Easy and Simple!
Delivery Service

Process Explained

In these crowded days you might find it hard to bring your clothes all the way to our clothes clinic. There is no need to be worried! If you are in our catchment area just inform us to come, take your clothes and we deliver them to you again, as new as it’s possible! There are four steps to fo so:


Call our number!


Call lenza lenzy clothes clinic. our experts get your information and send Easy Wash to your address. You can see our catchment area on the below. 



Open the door!


Easy Wash is by the door! That was fast, wasn't it? Give your clothes. now you are free to do your other works.


Experts are working!


This is about us. We are taking care of your orders. When everything is ready we call you to fix date and time!



Enjoy wearing twice!


We deliver your clothes by the time and location you ordered and we wait for you to check the quality. When you are satisfied, our job is over!