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Mend and Change

When we have good feelings about what we wear, we have more confidence and we can make better connections with people. This is our goal! We want you to enjoy wearing your clothes. besides that, there is no need to buy more clothes when you can use a good one for a long and happy time. Mend & Change is the reason why we are different. 
Imagine you have a coat -with a hole on its sleeve- and you want it to be shorter. This is what we do! It’s time to stop being worried about clothes getting old!

Stain Removal

Stains are everywhere and each kind of stain has its own style. We know all of them and we know how to struggle with them until they disappear; like they had never existed. Even if you haven’t noticed the !stains on your clothes, we find them and remove them


One of the most important things for us is to keep your clothes safe and sound! Clothes are a big deal to us and it’s guaranteed that we take care of them with everything we have! Being on time is the other important thing in our business and if you have tried Easy Wash already, you should know that!
It cannot be easier! 

Single Wash

The most important goal behind the idea of Single Wash service is your comfort and satisfaction. We want your clothes to be taken care of the way you want them to be. So if you are a fan of Single Wash service, bring at least 5 Item of your clothing and leave us the rest.

You wear, they wear

We believe in the strength of the small steps. We think that all of us have a responsibility and we need to help each other in that! With the kindness of your heart, we put a smile on other’s faces as much as we can. Happiness is important for us because it’s important for you! because you care!

Special Clothes Services

All of us have clothe that has tons of memories or one that we spent a fortune to buy it. These are special clothes. the wedding dress, grandma’s favorite coat or ski jacket. we make sure that you can find everything you need for your special clothes in our clothes clinic.